Daniel Gryphus The Musical
From outcast to Prince of the Andes
DANIEL GRYPHUS - THE MUSICAL is a family musical in three acts about Daniel Gryphus, a baby condor who - much to the chagrin of his 'machista' father -  comes to the world inside a bright blue egg. A condor laying a bright blue egg?  While the High Priest Condorcaca believes this unique event is due to human pollution, the family becomes the subject of condor gossip up and down the Andes mountains. After all, as his father obsessively reminds his mother, "true Andean condors lay white eggs!"
After he hatches, Daniel is spurned by the rest of his species for
his tiny size and albino coloring. Despite all the odds against him
but with the help of W'achi, an adventurous teen,
he overcomes all three trials of his 'Malku Kuntur'
- a young condor's rite of passage into adulthood
- and he goes on to become Prince of the Andes.
Set in the peaks of the Andes mountains in the
will touch the hearts of young and old alike.
This entertaining musical includes:
  • over 30 original songs
  • fully scored libretto for orchestra
  • appropriate for the entire family
  • strong characterization and compelling themes
  • English and Spanish versions of the script and songs
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Funny and colorful

With the majestic, exotic Peruvian Andes
as the story's backdrop, DANIEL GRYPHUS - THE MUSICAL includes a wide variety of colorful,
funny characters:
  • DANIEL GRYPHUS: the undersized white condor who challenges the status quo of the condor community
  • KACHITU GRYPHUS: Daniel's father, who acrobatically flies for ColcaTour, a business for tourists visiting the Colca Canyon. He can't stand his albino son...until one day when circumstances change
  • ASIRI VULTUR: Daniel's mother who defends her son from the biases of her husband and the other condors
  • HIGH PRIEST CONDORCACA: the condor community's elderly, venerated spiritual leader
  • JUDGE ELADIO & JUDGE OMAR: the high priest's supersticious sidekicks who consider Daniel a bad omen
  • AMAUTA: Daniel's insightful teacher who prepares the young condors for their rite of passage - the Malku Kuntur
  • YANAC: Daniel's rival, a bully who ends up becoming friends with Daniel after they get caught up in a hilarious situation at school
  • OSCAR and AUGUST:  a pair of king vultures who almost ruin Kachitu's first date with Asiri
  • GONZALO: W'achi's father who disapproves of his son's desire to not participate in the Warachicuy or hunt condors
  • W'ACHI: Daniel's adventure-loving best friend...who happens to be a human
  • FELICO: Daniel's classmate who can only think about one thing - food!
  •  INSTRUCTOR LUIS:  W'achi's teacher who prepares the boys for their own rite of passage - the Warachicuy
  • BRUNO: W'achi's classmate who would like nothing better than to be the first to catch a condor
  • AUNT MERY: the story's kind and slightly wacky narrator
  • ADRIANO, CHEMAN & THEO: the musical opens with these three boys finding a bird and heading over to Aunt Mery's house, where she tells them the story about Daniel Gryphus.
  • MAYOR LEONCIO KELLEY: the corrupt local mayor who wants to hold a 'Yawar Fiesta', an indigenous fiesta where a condor is tied to a bull for a bullfight
  • ESTEBAN, ALDO & ALFONSO: three university hikers from the capital who have an encounter with the white condor
Daniel Gryphus The Musical