Daniel Gryphus The Musical


The 33 songs in the score of DANIEL GRYPHUS - THE MUSICAL provide almost 67 minutes of entertaining songs with dialogue as well as reprises and background music. The libretto includes
full orchestration. English and Spanish versions of all songs have been composed.
Copyright for all songs was received from the U.S. Copyright Office in 2015.

Andean Peaks (1:05)

Apu Kuntur (1:59)

Aunt Mery (4:19)

Ave Matrix (1:38)

Believe and Take Flight (2:53)

Believe and Take Flight - Instrumental Version (2:20)

Clowns (2:04)

Desolation (1:45)

Graduation March (1:26)

Growing Pains (1:46)

Hanan's World (2:07)

I Wanna Be Black (2:07)

Identity Matters (3:58)

If You Want Me To (3:08)

If You Want Me To - Reprise (1:14)

Let's Make a Toast (1:12)

Mochita (2:01)

My Friend W'achi (2:40)

No More Yawar Fiesta (2:04)

Ohwashywashylashyyay (1:07)

Phuru Phuru (2:43)

Phuru Phuru - Instrumental version (3:36)

Rapping Kuntur (1:08)

Seafood Rhapsody (3:02)

That Egg (2:41)

That Is Just Baloney! (2:24)

The Hidden Garden (2:29)

The School Chimney (1:19)

The Transition Song (2:58)

There is Someone Who Loves You (2:12)

Yes, I Can Soar (1:39)

You Conquered It (2:06)

Daniel Gryphus The Musical